Dr Scott Connelly Progenex

First off, let me start by saying that in no way will we attack other products. We think Progenex tastes good, and that their early formulation was quite novel in its approach. That said, their formulation has changed significantly since its inception. One could merely search Dr. Scott Connelly and Progenex lawsuit online to understand what has happened.

I met Scott on several occasions during my ten years in the supplement industry, and although he was a social misfit, he was also quite a brilliant guy with many novel ideas. Scott had the patent on his formula but as soon as he jumped ship from Progenex, things within the company changed shortly thereafter. The reason for the change in formula is simple – it was too expensive to produce. And like most things in business, it’s all about margins.

We learned when creating our product that we were not going to get rich selling a recovery protein with such high amounts of active ingredients in it. Our manufacturers and colleagues all said the same thing. We didn’t care, we weren’t changing a thing. We entered this for the right reasons, that is, to provide great products that we believe in, for our friends and our community.

PROGENEX More Muscle contains a full 20 percent more bioactive branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) and leucine than regular whey protein isolate. The precise amount of BCAAs added to PROGENEX More Muscle were carefully calibrated, as the leucine content of whole proteins is directly related to how much protein your body will integrate into muscle. What’s more, this effect cannot be reproduced by simply adding extra leucine to whey protein isolate or other proteins.

Progenex choice for theCrossfit Games .The Crossfit Games is an invitation only event where the most elite athletes in the world compete against each other. Considering these athletes go through some of the most grueling workouts and competitions, you would expect that they know a thing or two about the best protein powder that helps them to recover after a workout. In fact 9 of the top 11 athletes in last year’s Crossfit Games used Progenex Recovery protein powder and Igor can now share with you a special Progenex Discount Code that will allow you to purchase any Progenex protein product at a 10% discount off the retail price,simply use Progenex Discount Code “IGOR” with your check out at PROGENEX SHOP to receive 10% off your final order.