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He attended the University of Missouri-Columbia (Mizzou) on a football scholarship and was a member of the Sigma Chi fraternity. However, he was kicked out when he completely beat up a guy on the twenty-first birthday of one of his fraternity brothers.
The Thoroughbred racehorse Matuszak, which finished 10th in the 2014 Belmont Stakes, was NOT named after John Matuszak. It was named for Felix Matuszak, father-in-law of George Prussin, the horse’s owner.

Inducted into the University of Tampa Athletic Hall of Fame in 1983.

Matuszak was part of one of football’s most surreal moments. He was playing for the Houston Texans of the World Football League, but was still under contract to the Houston Oilers of the National Football League. Matuszak was in the middle of a game when lawyers for the NFL and the Oilers showed up with a court order barring Matuszak from playing under his Texans contract.

He was benched for the second half, but was waiving the court order in the air for the fans to see so they’d know exactly why he wasn’t in the game.

John Matuszak made a major mark on Tampa while attending the University of Tampa. He had the reputation of never meeting a fight he didn’t want to start or join in on. He was tall, real tall (6 feet, 8 inches), weighed over 280 pounds, and you didn’t want to encounter him when he was mad. But as big a man as he was, he had a heart to match.

“Tooz,” as they called him, came to Tampa in 1968 at the age of 18 to attend the University of Tampa and, more than that, to take advantage of a scholarship that would pay his tuition there, put him on the football team as a shining Spartan and line him up for a lucrative spot on the NFL roster once he completed his studies. That happened.

The Tooz worked hard but played even harder. If there wasn’t a party somewhere during his off time, he would make one happen. When anybody got out of line, he’d be towering over them, ready to pounce and send them across the Hillsborough River and into oblivion. His name became familiar all over the city, especially on the police radio. “Tooz” became synonymous with “scuffle” and “disturbance.”

He was a generous guy who gave lots of time to charitable functions and was especially fond of giving his time to disabled children. It was a side of him that didn’t get nearly enough publicity. on this page just almost for free

Needless to say, he was a big star as defensive end with the UT Spartans. In 1973, he was drafted by the Houston Oilers. After a brief stint with the Kansas City Chief’s in the mid-70’s, he joined the Oakland Raiders, where he played five seasons and helped win two Super Bowls under Coach John Madden.

The new thread on Jesse Metcalfe and his ‘roid tits made me wonder about something I’ve thought about for about 20 years. Remember when football star-turned actor John Matuszak died in 1989? First they blamed it on a brain tumor caused by steroid use. Then they said it was a heart attack. I’d heard gay rumors about him for a while, so I figured it was an AIDS cover-up. At the time, they were saying, ‘Oh my God, steroids are going to kill everybody.’ Really? Mark McGuire, Jose Conseco, Sylvester Stallone all obviously used steroids like they were going out of style. And yet, still they live. I still believe the Matuszak thing was an HIV cover up. Not saying that people can’t die from ‘roid use, and I’m far from condoning it — it leads to bitch-tit city, just ask Dwayne Johson — but I don’t think they’re the death-sentence that we were told they were. Because so many of those WWF guys still live on.

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