Ment Steroid

MENT, which is short for methylnortestosterone, is an anabolic steroid which is a derivative of the hormone nandrolone. This product is less commonly referred to trestolone acetate. MENT was first developed in the 1960’s, but never gained much pority in the drug community and therefore was never made it to becoming a commercially sold drug product. Recently however, the large pharmaceutical company Schering AG made a public statement that it had reached an agreement with an outside company to research, market and develop MENT as a prescription drug. Schering has said publicly that MENT will be an easier to administer yet equally effective steroid as is testosterone products for the purposes for which it is prescribed. It is suspected that the drug will be made available in an implant preparation, in which implants will be placed inside the user and will then yield a gradual release of the hormone into the body’s system. If the drug is marketed into an implant, it will most likely be impractical to use for bodybuilding and Performance enhancing purposes unless it can somehow be converted into an injectable preparation.

MENT was initially developed for androgen replacement, however it encompasses a vast number of treatment applications including testicular failure, contraception therapies, bone mass loss, BPH, prostate cancer, cachexia and muscle wasting, primary hypogonadism, ASIH, baldness, and sarcopenia.
The reported plan is to release MENT in oral, injectable, implantation, and transdermal forms, but it is not yet available as a prescription drug.
For the Indications/Purpose of MENT see the Deca-Durabolin profile. MENT, however has a much shorter half-life.
Again, MENT aromatizes more like a testosterone than a nandrolone. Thus, for the side effects of MENT see Testosterone Propionate .
MENT is a versatile anabolic that should be cycled with a testosterone like propionate. cypionate. and enanthate. MENT cutting cycles can contain any of the traditional definition compounds such as Anavar. Primobolan. Oral Turinabol. and Winstrol.

Hiya everyone. I promised to update the board with the results of my MENT cycle before I started it weeks ago, and I thought it was important that I did that because, as I found out when I tried to do a bit of research on MENT before I used it, there’s no information on this stuff out there. The best I could get before I started my jabs was a sort of vague: “A mate of a mate used it and said it was good.” I got no accounts of first-hand experiences at all. How to use dianabol in stack

Anyway, my results have been mixed on a dose of 31mg a day (that’s the lower end of the recommended dose of between 25mg and 50mg every day) for nine weeks. I’d sum it up as a great strength-increasing roid, but not a great muscle-building one. My squat has shot up by 30 per cent in that nine weeks, and other compound movements like press behind neck have, typically, gone up something like 25 per cent. I feel as strong as an ox but, surprisingly, I’ve only added two or three pounds of muscle. I can see, though, that the minor muscle growth has been accompanied by a loss of fat too, and I’m now a nice, lean, defined 210lbs.

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