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Category: Oral steroids
Substance: stanozolol oral
Package: 5 mg/tab. (400 tab.)

Product Description

For women, a typical daily dose is around 5 and 10 mg. Purchasing Winstrol 10mg makes it much easier for you to customize your dosage accurately. You can also gradually increase your dosage until you are able to obtain the results that you desire.
GP Stan 10 Results
For women, the opposite is true – they need to use the injectable method of Winstrol. The oral version offers need more synergy in their cycles but women want to avoid this. When women have less SHBG they have more testosterone and that can lead to hirsuitism which is an abnormal growth of body hair. It can also affect their menstrual cycle. Some women find their clitoris becomes enlarged and they suffer from severe acne when they use the oral method of Winstrol.
Despite the fact that the number of women who use Winstrol is fewer compared to the number of men that use the drug. It is highly recommended that women who use Winstrol should consult their Doctor and should be strictly monitored because of the androgenic effects of this drug. It is also recommended that those who use Winstrol should consult their Doctor before and during use of the drug. They should use the drug as directed by their Doctor.

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