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The amount of Humatrope one takes will effect its ability to perform for the body. The recommended dose of hgh is about 2.5 to 3 internattional units per day. The typical dispensed amount is five milligrams per bottle. This equates to fifteen doses. It is strongly suggested that the individual take the doses for a minimum of four months. If the desired results are not being seen the doses can be increased a bit.
The way you use your Humatrope medication depends on the form your buy it in, so be sure to carefully follow the instructions, supplied along with your Humatrope kit.
Make hair and nails thicker and stronger
Neither abuse MET might not be without side effects. It is true that in its application it is not elevated estrogen levels. gynekomostia. reducing endogenous testosterone production. acne. alopecia. increased retention of salt. water, etc. The main danger is perhaps significant reduction in hyperglycemia and thyroid function. enlargement of the heart and internal organs. acromegaly and gigantism. but only if the consumer with a doping yet closed growth of cartilage bones. Recently, however. the information comes also that in cases of prolonged massive administration of GH. there is also the possibility of initiating leukemia. Moreover. it should be realized that none of doping consumers not abuse MET alone. but usually in combination with other pharmaceutical agents. Then the risk of side effects can greatly multiply and it is really hard to say what all these athletes to come.