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Primo Tabs


Manufacturer: Alpha Pharma
Substance: Methenolone Acetate
Package: 25 mg/tab. (50 tab.)

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Product Description

_x000D__x000D_ All else being equal, methenolone acetate is an excellent oral steroid drug. Unlike most other orals, it is not 17-alkylated and does not have liver toxicity problems. It is perhaps only half as potent by the oral route as by injection, so dosages need to be high, at least 100 and preferably 200-300 mg per day, but if that can be afforded it is an excellent drug. It is unusual among oral steroids as being Class I, binding well to the androgen receptor. _x000D__x000D_ _x000D__x000D_ The problem is that Mexican Primobolan tablets are simply too expensive per milligram, and too few mg per tablet, to be practical for a male bodybuilder. In some European countries, however, 50 mg tablets are available at a reasonable price, and are a good buy for those who can obtain them. _x000D__x000D_ _x000D__x000D_ The claim, however, that methenolone acetate tablets help burn fat, as a result of being acetate esters, is purely a myth. The compound has the same LBM-sparing properties when dieting as does injected Primobolan, which is to say, it is quite useful if dosage is sufficient. _x000D__x000D_ _x000D__x000D_ For females, dosage should not in my opinion exceed 30 mg/day, and even this may cause irreversible virilization problems. If a woman must try steroids, 5 mg of methenolone acetate twice per day would be a reasonable starting point, if modest results are acceptable._x000D__x000D_

_x000D__x000D_ And NO YOU DO NOT NEED 150mgs ED to see results from this, people have to remember that all Primo tabs are is the ACETATE form of the compound methonlone. I have actually KNOWN BRO’S that convert the tabs to Inj. Oil through a special recipe for injection to go along side a pre-comp cutting cycle to prevent muscle wasting during extreme dieting. (trust me. i might know. i have 3 bro’s that train under me and I prep for Competition. they rely on me, and guess what. they do a goddamn GREAT Job too. )_x000D__x000D_ The chemical name is (1R,2S,5R)-2-isopropyl-5-methylcyclohexanol. Primobolan dosage and administration depends heavily upon which form is being used. oral or injectable. Medical prescription Primobolan dosages outline 200mg as a first dosage, followed with 100mg every week for the complete duration of therapy. The medical condition being treated would determine what the actual full Primobolan dosage is. The range can be anywhere from 100mg every one or two weeks to 200mg every two to three weeks. Medical guidelines for oral Primobolan dosages call for 100 пїЅ 150mg per day for no longer than 6 пїЅ 8 weeks of consistent use. Because of the poor correlation between symptoms and endoscopic appearance of the Primobolan, therapy directed at esophageal lesions is best Primobolan by endoscopic evaluation. Primobolan is no treatment for tardive dyskinesia, but symptoms may lessen or go away over time after you stop taking Metoclopramide Tablets, USP. Side Effects of Primobolan. If bradycardia persists, intravenous isoproterenol hydrochloride may be administered cautiously; larger than usual doses may be needed. Availability of Primobolan.