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Substance: sibutramine
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The temporal relationship between sibutramine intake and onset of behavioral changes as well as the decrease in manic symptoms with cessation of sibutramine and initiation of anti-manic pharmacotherapy led us to suspect the role of sibutramine in the pathogenesis of manic episode. It could be hypothesized that sibutramine may induce mania in predisposed individuals by acting in a similar way with other selective serotonine reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) [ 14 ]. In the 1980s sibutramine was initially intended as an antidepressant drug [ 3 ]. In the 2000s antidepressant-associated mania has been linked to all major antidepressant classes in a subgroup of 20-40 % of bipolar patients [ 18. 19 ]. Bipolar spectrum incorporates classic bipolar disorder (manic + depressive episode), bipolar II disorder (hypomanic + depressive episode), and bipolar III disorder that is not an official diagnosis recognized by psychiatric associations. Although we will not find bipolar III disorder mentioned in the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10) or Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association (DSM-IV), psychiatric professionals use the unofficial diagnosis of bipolar III disorder to describe patients who have experienced manic or hypomanic episode due to antidepressant treatment [ 20 ]. The serotonin transporter gene is a candidate to be associated with antidepressant-associated mania in some patients [ 21 ]. The serotonin transporter gene demonstrates a polymorphism within the promoter region (5-HTTLPR) with two allelic forms -the long and the short variants. Since 5-HTTLPR polymorphism is considered as a predictor of abnormal response to antidepressants in vulnerable to bipolar disorder patients, a correct diagnosis of bipolarity and detailed family history for affective disorders should be done before the beginning of sibutramine treatment. It is essential mainly for short variant of 5-HTTLPR carriers [ 19 ]. As chronic sleep deprivation can precipitate the manic episode, insomnia (a very common side-effect of sibutramine) might exacerbate manic symptoms in our vulnerable patient. It was also hypothesized that individuals can engage in overeating for the purpose of regulating their mood [ 22 ]. Therefore, bipolar patients may overeat to “self medicate” their affective symptoms, and suppression of overeating and/or weight loss might therefore trigger the onset or exacerbation of the mood symptoms. It is also possible that the weight loss might also be associated with release of toxins, including drugs that might have mood destabilizing effects [ 22 ].
Before taking sibutramine, tell your doctor if you have glaucoma. high blood pressure, liver or kidney disease. depression. underactive thyroid. seizures, a bleeding disorder, a history of gallstones. or if you are older than 65 or younger than 16.