T3 (liothyronine) by GENESIS


Manufacturer: GENESIS
Category: Oral steroids
Substance: liothyronine (T3)
Package: 50 mcg/tab. (100 tab.)

Product Description

Not necessarily. When some have been on T3 long enough, they might even be able to dose twice a day, but three times is common and you might feel a LOT better dosing three times rather than more once you’ve been on T3 long enough.
What data do you have to support that USP Thyroid is inconsistent? Absorption of T4 is highly variable, check your Abbot Labs spec sheet. 5mcg/day of T3 is not that much, a healthy thyroid produces 20 – 30 mcg/day, Although I'm only taking 125mg ERFA per day, ( 72 mcg T4 + 18 mcg T3 plus other stuff from the thyroid). Synthroid does dot have a snow white history, run ins with FDA etc. Problems with natural thyroid meds are overblown. Dosage according to labs tests are not the way to go, as these pages point out, the pituitary response is isolated and does not paint a systemic picture. Most GP's have little experience with USP thyroid, and big pharma has been financing research to suit their needs forever. Read the paper http://nahypothyroidism.org/deiodinases/ it has 280 some references, how many can your GP give you to support his position? I don't know what you do in the “medical proffesion” but I've met a few professors of medicine and of endocrinology who don't get this. New medical research takes an average of 17 years of getting into general practice, not very impressive. Try the natural stuff, (ERFA, NatureThroid, Acella, or other USP meds) it will not kill you, and you can always revert. Swallowing these pills is a different story and I take these sublingually or under the lip.
Remember… even if you are using Ketotifen (which allows longer use of Clenbuterol) the maximum cycle of T3 is three weeks.
Hiya! Just curious to see how the cytomel is treating you. You said that you take half a .25 pill twice a day? Is this with synthyroid also? I have had moderate success with my dose of cytomel (just half a .25 pill once a day). I am thinking of either trying to fiddle around with the dose again with my doctors assistance OR ask to go on a natural thyroid medication.